Critics Clown Trump’s ‘IDIOTIC’ Electric Planes Remarks: ‘Dumb As A Box Of Rocks’

Donald Trump on Friday dropped some confusing remarks about electric planes while criticizing Democrats at a rally in Chesapeake, Virginia.

“All they know is electric. They want electric army tanks. They want electric planes. What happens if the sun isn’t shining while you’re up in the air?” asked the GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee, apparently referring to solar-powered aircraft.

The comments by the former president, who has previously ranted about possible electrocution from electric boats, inspired mockery from social media users like journalist James Fallows, who served as a speechwriter for President Jimmy Carter.

“OK, we know he is an idiot. But every now and then you have to say, this is GODDAMN IDIOTIC,” Fallows wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

“Electric planes run ON BATTERIES. His question is like asking, ‘How can you use an iPhone if it’s dark outside.’”

See what else they had to say in the tweets below:

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