Desi Lydic Exposes GOP’s Latest Wild Spin In Off-The-Rails Bit

Lydic yet again pretended to have binge-watched hot takes from the network’s personalities and those on other conservative/right-wing channels.

This time, the segment centered on the false claim — which has been pushed by presumptive GOP presidential nominee Trump himself — that boilerplate text on the search warrant that authorized the use of deadly force was actually some kind of assassination attempt by President Joe Biden.

“The FBI was 100% out for blood and if Trump wasn’t 100%, 1,200 miles away in a different state, they would have gotten it,” she mocked.

“Nice try double O Biden, or is it double Joe seven?” she asked. “I’m still working on it.”

Lydic concluded by poking fun at the two competing lines of attack that pro-Trump Republicans are using on the current POTUS.

“Joe Biden is a senile old fool who also masterminded an elaborate multi-agency assassination plot,” she said. “The man is incompetent and also dangerously competent.”

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