Former Trump Official Praises Joe McCarthy In Bonkers ‘Deep State’ Remarks: He ‘Was Right’

Monica Crowley, an ex-Fox News personality and Treasury Department official in the Trump administration, showed love to Sen. Joseph McCarthy (R-Wis.) as she pushed a bizarre conspiracy theory that seemed straight out of the Red Scare on Friday.

“By the way, Senator Joe McCarthy was right,” said Crowley in remarks to the Faith & Freedom Coalition conference in Washington.

“And he was trying to ring the bell in the 1950s about Communist infiltration in our government and the same deep state that is now going after Donald Trump.”

Crowley, former President Donald Trump’s pick for a National Security Council role before she withdrew from consideration amid a plagiarism scandal, added to her conspiracy by claiming that the “deep state” network also “removed” Richard Nixon and went after Ronald Reagan.

“That deep state became very insidious and in the 1950s, smeared and attacked Joe McCarthy for speaking the truth about godless communism in very halls of our government,” said Crowley, who has previously promoted a number of Obama-related conspiracy theories.

Her “deep state” theory arrives decades after McCarthy famously claimed there were Communists and Soviet spies in the federal government.

The Senate would later vote to censure him in a 67-22 vote, less than three years prior to his death in 1957.

Crowley went on to tell the D.C. crowd that the “communists” had been “grabbing control over all of the aspects of American life and culture.”

“They called it ‘the long march through the institutions,’” she claimed.

“And now they have succeeded because they’ve been at it for so long.”

Earlier this year, former Trump adviser Steve Bannon declared that he’s “sure” Crowley is on the shortlist to be the presumptive GOP presidential nominee’s national security adviser in a potential second White House term.

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