Iowa Caucuses 2024: Live Updates On DeSantis, Haley’s Battle For Second Place

With polls indicating Haley is Trump’s closest rival in tonight’s caucuses, the former president took to Truth Social to get in a few final jabs before Iowans make their way to vote.

“Nikki Haley can never win in the General Election because she doesn’t have MAGA, and never will!” he wrote Monday morning on his social media platform. “Ron DeSanctimonious, at least, is MAGA- Lite.”

He continued: “Nikki is a Globalist RINO, backed by American’s for Chinese Growth, the Charles Koch con job. It’s not going to happen for her, or DeSanctimonious! Vivek Votes are wasted, should come to ‘TRUMP.’”

Later Monday, Haley’s campaign accused Trump of “flinging phony, contradictory attacks.”

“Don’t believe the fake news from Trump world — they don’t believe it themselves,” said Haley spokesperson Olivia Perez-Cubas, according to Politico.

The final Des Moines Register/NBC News/Mediacom Iowa poll, released Sunday evening, showed Haley rising to second place in the caucuses. The poll still indicates Trump is the overwhelming favorite to win the first Republican nominating event of the election: Trump polled at 48%, while Haley was at 20% and DeSantis fell to 16%.

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