Jimmy Fallon ‘Interviews’ Trump And Biden, And The Clips Are Classic

The comedian asked a series of questions on “The Tonight Show” Thursday and enlisted old clips of the president and his predecessor to get his answers.

It included the following exchanges:

Fallon: Mr. Biden, when did you start preparing for next week’s debate?

Biden: That was back in 1871, I think.

Fallon: Mr. Trump, over to you. Have you been prepping for the debate?

Trump: Not even a little bit!

Fallon: Now, the debate stage won’t have any chairs, so you’ll both be standing for over 90 minutes. Mr. Trump, how long before you’ll need a break?

Trump: In 3 minutes.

Fallon: Mr. Biden, how about you?

Biden: In 3 seconds.

Fallon: Mr. Biden, just to confirm, you’re sticking with the same vice president?

Biden: Um, what’s her name again, Karen?

Fallon: Kamala. Kamala Harris. And Mr. Trump, are you planning to announce your running mate before the debate, or will they remain anonymous?

Trump: An anomoloussss.

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