Seth Meyers Burns Marjorie Taylor Greene With Real Meaning Of Trump’s ‘Compliment’

Far-right Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) gushed last week about former President Donald Trump recognizing her during his trip to Capitol Hill to meet with Republican lawmakers.

But “Late Night” comedian Seth Meyers suggested it’s “not a compliment you think it is.”

“When people recognize you, it’s not because they’re sweet, it’s because you’re terrifying,” he joked on Monday.

Meyers had earlier aired a supercut of Republicans sucking up to Trump following his visit.

“Seriously, do you guys hear yourself fawning over Trump?” Meyers asked. “You’re talking about a serial liar and con artist who lost the popular vote twice, fomented a violent coup attempt that almost got you killed, just got convicted of 34 felonies and looks like the Roadrunner just tricked him into blowing himself up.”

Watch Meyers’ full “Closer Look” segment here:

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