Sharon Stone Doubles Down On Controversial Kevin Spacey Comments

“People are mad at me for that,” she told the outlet. “I said that after being in therapy for seven years, not being allowed to work, losing his home, losing everything, he should be allowed to come back. He’s reached out to everybody he’s offended and said he’s sorry.”

The numerous sexual abuse accusations involving Spacey warranted a reassessment of his reputation as an even-keeled professional, however. One of the many accusations against him concerned the alleged molestation of then-14-year-old Anthony Rapp in 1986.

“Kevin grabbed people by their genitals,” Stone, a mother of three, told the Reporter. “Many people. But nobody [has publicly said] he’s raped them or forced them into a sexual encounter. But there’s so much hatred for him because in this case it was man-on-man.”

“That’s why he’s not allowed to come back,” she told the outlet. “Because he offended men. But can I tell you how many men have grabbed my genitals in my lifetime? A lot more than Kevin Spacey has … And none of them has ever apologized to me.”

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