‘What?!?’: ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Contestant Stuns With X-Rated Guess

Thursday’s episode of “Wheel of Fortune” took a somewhat adult turn with a contestant’s incorrect guess.

Tavaris Wliiams’ wrong answer of “right in the butt” during a “phrases” category drew laughter from the audience and a stunned “what?!?” from a rival.

“No,” host Pat Sajak simply replied.

Competing player Blake then rang in with the correct guess of, “This is the best.” “That’s it, yeah, I think,” said a clearly-amused Sajak.

“Much better answer,” admitted Williams, who saw the funny side of his error.

A chuckling Sajak told Williams he’d “already made an impression on us.”

Williams apologized. “I was a little excited,” he told Sajak. The longtime host, whose last show is set to air on Jun. 7, replied: “We’ll figure out a way to handle that tastefully. I have no idea what that’ll be but…”

The game moved on but the moment was immortalized on social media and went viral for the obvious reason.

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