‘Lasted A Week’: Maggie Haberman Swipes At Trump’s Fourth Of July Tantrum

Donald Trump’s supposed “discipline” over President Joe Biden’s terrible debate performance has come to an end, Maggie Haberman pointed out Thursday.

“Trump-kept-disciplined-and-quiet-amid-Democrats’-problems-and-didn’t-try-for-focus lasted a week,” the New York Times correspondent quipped on X (formerly Twitter), sharing a screengrab of Trump’s Fourth of July tirade on his Truth Social platform.

In Trump’s holiday screed, he said Biden “choked like a dog” at the debate, called him “highly incapable,” and baselessly accused him of using prosecutors to go after his political opponent.

Trump also attacked the vice president, the most likely contender to replace Biden should he drop out of the presidential race, calling her “Laffin’ Kamala Harris.”

Eric Columbus, a former DOJ official who served as an attorney for the Jan. 6 committee, responded to Haberman’s post, noting that Trump “didn’t even last” 72 hours.

He linked to an article about Trump’s call on Sunday for former Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) to face a televised military tribunal and for multiple top elected officials to be jailed.

Multiple reports and commentators have described Trump’s post-debate conduct as uncharacteristically restrained, measured or disciplined. “Instead of taking a victory lap, Trump has been lying low,” The Associated Press reported Wednesday.

Trump has, however, still been posting regularly on Truth Social since last Thursday’s debacle, including numerous posts attacking Biden.

On Tuesday, Trump falsely declared that he had achieved “TOTAL EXONERATION” after the U.S. Supreme Court’s stunning immunity ruling. In another post, he said Biden’s debate performance was “less than poor” and his own was “the best in the history of presidential debates.” He also reposted a meme depicting Biden asleep in a beach chair on the debate stage, among others mocking the president.

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