Mary Trump Says There’s Only 1 Thing ‘Scarier’ Than Her Uncle Becoming President Again

Mary Trump is continuing to call voters to action in the wake of a tumultuous week in politics.

“The only thing scarier than the idea of my uncle being in the Oval Office again is the idea of the Republicans controlling the Senate and the House of Representatives,” Donald Trump’s niece wrote in her newsletter, “The Good in Us,” on Thursday.

“Both, the House in particular, would very likely be filled with even more extreme sycophants who hate the Constitution with the same blind passion with which they hate women and minorities.”

Without Democratic control of the Senate, she wrote, her uncle, if elected, could have the chance to replace Supreme Court Justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas with younger appointees who could “ruin the lives of the next four generations of Americans.”

She imagined a House of Representatives filled with “even more” extremists like GOP Reps. Lauren Boebert (Colo.), Matt Gaetz (Fla.) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (Ga.) “rubber-stamping Donald’s agenda, going after his political enemies, and refusing to fund the war in Ukraine.”

She encouraged voters to rally behind President Joe Biden — despite chaos in the campaign following his poor debate showing last week — and suggested that people “adopt a race or two; pick an endangered Democratic senator or a vulnerable House Republican and go to work.”

“Now that we know the Supreme Court has ensured Donald is free to operate outside the Constitution with impunity, we have to find other ways to stop him,” she added.

She has issued a series of rallying cries for people to unite behind Biden and Democrats in the wake of the debate and the Supreme Court’s alarming ruling that Trump has absolute immunity for official acts during his time in office.

Mary Trump said in Thursday’s post that the Supreme Court’s decision served as a “chilling but compelling reminder” that it’s equally crucial to stop her uncle’s enablers, whose plans to dismantle American institutions are “arguably even more destructive to our country.”

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